The National STEM Foundation

The National STEM Foundation is a 501-(C)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the support and promotion of STEM education.

America’s greatest competitive advantage is the ability to innovate. This advantage must be maintained for the US to continue as a world economic leader.

Currently, the nation’s technological innovation is in jeopardy. There is a shortage of workers trained in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and advanced manufacturing within industry, particularly high-tech manufacturing. Industry needs STEM workers to capitalize on the nation’s R&D expenditures, innovate, and bring new products and services to market.

The number of educational institutions in the US offering STEM or Career and Technical Education is growing. These institutions need assistance obtaining funding for STEM and CTE programs within a favorable, yet stratified, funding environment.

The National STEM Foundation offers institutions grant writing, consulting and professional development services. N-STEM has the passion, the focus, and the technical resources needed to enable the success of STEM and CTE programs in the US.

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